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Hoping to start this course in September

dancar1dancar1 New MemberRegistered Posts: 6
Hey everyone,

I finish my A-levels this month at Sixth Form, and ever since the start of this year, I realised the whole Sixth Form thing was a mistake. I'd taken the wrong subjects and everything just felt really messed up..
I came across Accountancy and found it somewhat interesting (Who says it's boring? :P), and really regretted not taking it as a subject at Sixth Form. Some tutors suggested staying at the college for another year to study the subject at A-Level, and maybe get the whole A-Level in just one year, but I've done some research and the actual A-level really doesn't seem to teach about applying what you learn in real world situations.

Another college nearby, offers the AAT course, from Foundation to Technician level, and I've looked into it and it seems more like what I'd want to get out of studying Accountancy. I worry if it is suitable for someone without any prior knowledge of the subject however... can anyone shed some light on this for me? Is it the best qualification to begin what I hope leads to a very long-term career in this field? Or are there better ways for an absolute beginner to get his foot in the door?
Also, if I wish, is it possible for someone who is full member of the AAT to use their status to progress onto an even higher qualification, like say.. ACA or ACCA?

Thank you for reading! And thank you to anyone who can answer my questions!


  • JentelJentel Feels At Home Registered Posts: 60
    i will use bullet points as there is a lot of q's you have asked

    Yes - suitable for someone with no prior knowledge as it starts at the beginning - i am on by third year but looking back found the 1st year easiest thought it did not seem it at the time

    Its a stepping stone to taking the higher qualification as i do hear that people say it is harder if you have not started with the basics of AAT.

    Once you are a member you can get into the ther higher qualifications as it will exempt you from certain units.

    There are many jobs out there where employess will pay for your studies whilst learning so you could always do it that way, whereby you get to practice at the same time. When i did my course over the years many of us were not, including myself in the accouting field so did find it very hard

    Good luck and hope this helped
  • dancar1dancar1 New Member Registered Posts: 6
    Thank you for your input Jentel. It was very helpful.

    I have enrolled on the course which starts in September, I'm very much looking forward to it!
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