unit 3 help

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i really need help with the unit 3 cash book for simulation.


  • snowmaraudersnowmarauder Feels At Home Posts: 99Registered
    Any particular sim, or in general.
  • nidanida Just Joined Posts: 5Registered
    i need genral help plzzz.
  • snowmaraudersnowmarauder Feels At Home Posts: 99Registered
    Do you have sims and exams. Have you done e learning. Firstly check your cash book against your bank statement, any ch numbers lower than the one stated on cash book, has usually been reconcilled on a previous period, You then have to enter on to the cash book the items that are missing, you are trying to your real life figure balance available. as your bank statement will not show everything that has been paid, as you probably know from the bank s being produced to you receiving it will usually take at least three days and you would have made other transactions since then, both cash and sales, dont forget to transfer dd, bank giros, so if they are missing.

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