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BPP or local college?

Georgie TGeorgie T New MemberRegistered Posts: 7
Hi to all, I am the new girl, or a new girl!

I am considering studying with BPP in London, they offer a classroom course that requires you to attend 1 day a fortnight - doesnt seem like much to me. Their tutor support will surely have to be pretty good to make it work I guess.

Westiminster College is also offering AAT Level 2, with a timetable of 3 days a WEEK.

The fees are much the same for both.

These are my two options for where I am living. How can attending 1 day a fortnight be sufficient when another APPROVED learning provider is offering 6 days a fortnight? AAT were non commital when I asked them directly, saying they couldnt promote one learing provider over another, which is understandable.

I am a mature student, not working in an accounts environment and funding my own studying so I dont want to make a big mistake.

I will be attending BPP's Open Day in August but at this stage I am gathering what information I can, so , please go ahead and comment!!

Can anyone comment on BPP's outside of the classroom tutor support?

All comments gratefully recieved.


  • Georgie TGeorgie T New Member Registered Posts: 7
    ANY comments gratefully received.... really really gratefully...anyone?
  • speegsspeegs Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 854
    Hi Georgie T

    I studied the whole of my AAT qualification with BPP London and passed everything first time. All the tutors (bar one - who has since left anyway) and the books and study notes were all fantastic. They were particularly good when it came to personal taxation, audition and "the Project".

    Best of luck but I would go with BPP every time.
  • QuinnQuinn Just Joined Registered Posts: 2
    Hi Gerogie T, BPP are recognised as one of the leading accountancy college's for a very good reason, they consistently acheive high pass rates from their study centres.
  • PGMPGM Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 1,954
    I went to the local college once a week, and I'd do the same again! BPP would have to be much better for once a fortnight to be better?!
  • Isajenks123Isajenks123 New Member Registered Posts: 7
    BPP or local college

    I attended my local college for the foundation year for 6 hours per week. I received lots of help but worked at the level of the slowest person which is why I think you have more time there.
    Also the extra sims i.e. Achieving personal effectiveness, working with computers and Health and Safety were done in the classroom whereas, as I understand, BPP give them you to do yourself although this is nothing to worry about. Finally, you get a taster lesson in SAGE at your local college.

    I then changed to BPP Manchester for Intermediate and Technician. BPP have been great, cannot fault tutors, teaching, facilities, anything. The only drawback is when you come to do your Unit 10 project at Technician level I think you will get more guidance at college.

    I do think you have a lot less homework at college than at BPP also which could be another reason for the difference in time.

    Hope this helps.
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