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Unit 30 Exam on tuesday, please help!

doranidhidoranidhi Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 1

This is my first post.Hoping to get some replies soon.

Recently started with AAT diploma and
I have my exam on tuesday for unit 30 and can't get my head around one thing. Refering to Dec 2009 AAT paer, task 2.18. It's about reconciling cash book with bank statement.

There is an entry for Bank Giro Credit – CCC Ltd---1,364 (Paid in) which is not considerd in the reconcilation (in the answers given) . The entry is a part of bank staement but not the cash book. I could not see a reason of not including it. Am i missing out something very important?..Please advise.
Also any other pointers to clear the exam is also welcome.
BTW whats' the passing percentage?

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