PEV & PCR Pocket Notes (units 8 and 9)

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Hi I think that I should buy these does anyone know where I can buy them and if in their opinion they were worth the money, many thanks


  • SandyHood
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    Pocket notes are helpful summaries produced by BPP and by Kaplan.
    Once you have studied a topic, you can put the pocket notes in your bag or pocket and have a brief run-through to remind yourself of the key points.

    Whether they are worth[size=+1] your[/size] money or not I don't know.
    1. If you have a confident understanding then probably not, and working through questions would be a more active way of refreshing your knowledge.
    2. If you are starting to study the subject then probably not yet, as you might be tempted to go to the summaries first rather than the more detailed help in a text book.
    3. If you are into your studies and have your own notes etc but want something that is easy to pop into your bag etc, then it is probably a help. But do bear in mind that reading about these two units is one thing, actually going through questions is far more useful.
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