Do we like being "Technicians"?

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I was reading Jilt's thread about advertising, and I realised even thought I'm a full member, I still don't refer to the AAT in our advertising literature. Why?

Because I'm an accountant, and I don't like referring to being an "accounting technician." Maybe it's just me, but it feels 'junior.'

Our advertising refers to us as "Accountants and tax consultants" because that is what we are.

I believe that the qualifications of the Institute of Financial Accountants are broadly similar to that of the AAT. Yet their members are 'Accountants' and we are 'Technicians'.

I've seen it suggested a few times that the AAT needs a new name, that we should actually move from being Technicians to Accountants in name as well as in practice.

I realise when it boils down to it, it doesn't really matter what we are called, because most clients don't give two hoots what our qualifications are. (I also realise that if I felt really strongly about it, I could join the IFA or ICPA, which I don't.). But I thought it might be an interesting talking point.


  • taskey
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    Over here in Germany, people ask me what I do and when I say I am an accounting technician, they look at me all confused and then ask me what that is, after explaining it, they say "so you are an accountant?" which I then just say yes to :) so more often than not when people ask, I will just say I am an accountant - right or wrong, it is easier

    A couple of months ago I asked our HR for a copy of my job description, they emailed it to me and it was for an accounts clerk. So I got on the phone and asked for MY job description, there was a huge hoo ha about it all, as they said you have to be qualified up to a certain standard to claim to be an accountant. I 'politely' told them (whilst laughing) that they had bought all of the 3 levels for me to achieve that standard, within minutes I had my job description in my inbox. Even now when they are advertising, they do have a difference in the job spec between an accounts clerk and an accountant.

    I would love to be able to say I am an accounting technician, but people do just glaze over and still say accountant.

    I think people are just used to using the word accountant, rather than the ins and outs of it all.

    That is my tuppence worth

  • A-Vic
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    What made me smile this week was when we received infomation from an ex accountant for a new client of ours.

    All the work they had done is a set of P&L accounts and that is it - no tax return vat payroll anything.

    Bearing in mind this person wasnt "qualified" i.e acca aat cima ect...

    But they charged £3000 for the accounts?? So who cares what they call us but if they are getting money for unqualified accounts work like that who needs it.

    Final note - the accounts will have to be re-done anyway :lol:
  • Bluewednesday
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    My opinion - more should be done to raise the recognition of accounting technician. That's what i'm seeing in the other posts, if people understood what was involved and what accounting technicians can do then this debate would not be needed.
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    I completely agree with you BW, on our local english radio BFBS, a few weeks ago, it actually said about the AAT and on the job learning - my ears pricked up. I was shocked to actually hear the AAT being mentioned, especially in a news bulletin.

    I have since had 2 people contact me about who my learning provider was and how did i sit the exams here in Germany.
  • Gem7321
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    I tell people I'm an accountant with a little a :D
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