Unit 21 & 22

I'm studying through Premier Training and just have U21 & 22 to complete - I am doing it evidence (portfolio) based opposed to a skills test. I wondered if anyone had any tips of what to use as evidence for this. I have made a start on U21.

Thank you



  • pirate
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    Hi Sally

    dont know if it helps but have a look on the AAT web site
    you might have to log on, then goto the study area and pick unit 20/21 it gives a lot of guidance on how to build the portfolio and so on there are also some elearning sessions which should help.
    I am doing the diploma route but have found when I am stuck Premier have been fabulous so if the AAT stuff doesnt help give them a bell and they will give you some ideas.
  • Sally5065
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    U21 & 22

    Thank you - Premier have been great. I have done some more today :)
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