Credit Management & Debt Control

sarah n
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Hi, one of the optional units ive chosen is Credit Management & Debt Control. Has anybody else sat this CBA yet? Ive just been looking on the AAT website for the practice CBA which is in 2 parts. The first part is multiple choice questions about the terminology etc and the 2nd part seems to be a large task on a word document? Is this not completed as a CBA online exam like the other assessments e.g. budgeting etc or has the aat just not yet created an online CBA for this unit? Hope that makes sense?!

If anybody has done this unit, how did you find it all?

Thank you.


  • GreenMousey
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    I've booked in for this exam early May. I was under the assumption that part 1 was a CBA and part 2 was either a sim or workbased project. However, when I booked on for the first part for the CBA my training provider told me the eproject was to be done under the same conditions as a CBA & therefore I booked in for that as well.

    In answer to your question, the second part is like a mini simulation but I was told, that I had to do it under CBA conditions as you download the assessment for the exam & do it there and then. I decided to do both, she said the first part is an hour exam, the second 2.5 hours.

    Hope this helps

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    Hi ive just sat this exam, we sat the first part on one evening and we were allowed an hour, and you get the results straight away for this one.
    Then we sat the 2nd part that you have to download from your MYAAT secure access, you then have to save it onto the comuter your working on and then when your done you just upload it again by the MYAAT secure access, then your tutor will mark it. It has to be done under exam conditions. The only thing i will say is be careful when scrolling through the pages on the 2nd part as it tends to flick between pages very quickly and also a friend who sat this on the same night lost 2 questions of work and had to redo.

    Hope this helps
  • sarah n
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    Thanks a lot for the information, it has definitely helped & it seems pretty straightforward! Good luck!
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