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Unit 31 practice skills test - Sage

turbo_sammieturbo_sammie Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 51

I have just started using Sage today, and my practice skills test on Sage is due in by Monday, but I'm having some problems saving anything. I've only got to the first bit of the test, which says to open accounts for about 5 customers (which I did with no problem) but then it tells me to save my work. When I go to 'file' the only option is 'backup' (no save option) but 'backup' is greyed out so I can't select it!

Anyone have any ideas? I'm in a bit of a panic seeing as I've left it so late and won't be able to get hold of my tutor until Monday! :-/



  • piratepirate Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 469
    Hi there
    the save here is referring to the save in the customer screen, as the bottom of which you have three buttons save discard delete.
    The file option is for sage in general not for each of the items such as new customer, new supplier and so on
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