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CBA are they really that bad?

katsutlieffkatsutlieff Trusted RegularRegistered Posts: 459
I have to pass ECR before June or I will need to redo on the new standards and I can't face Professional Ethics again! I am thinking of booking the CBA for this unit on the 26 April which will leave me time to register for the paper exam if I fail.

The only thing putting me off is the teething problems some people have had, I can't afford the £69 as it is and to have it crash on me would bs gutting. Are the teething problems as widespread as they seem?


  • BeccaLouJ9BeccaLouJ9 Experienced Mentor DevonFMAAT Posts: 1,022
    I haven't had any problems with the 2x CBE's that I have done. Nothing at all, no crashing, no losing any data.... It did take a little while between tasks- not a long time but it wasn't getting to the next Q at the click of a button.. there was a couple of seconds waiting.. But this wasn't really a problem.

    There's been alot on here about the 'teething problems', but recently this seems to have died down!

    Good Luck with your exam!

    B x
  • katsutlieffkatsutlieff Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 459
    Thanks BeccaLou I think I will go for it. I haven't picked up a book in over a month so I will see how I get on this week and book at the end of the week if I feel I've done enough revision.
  • coojeecoojee Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 794
    I think the problems only apply to the new qual not the old standards. They've been running computer exams for the old standards for a few years now and I've never heard of anyone having a problem with them
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