Has any done workplace Evidence for (ITX) & (SPSW)??

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I picked up a leaflet from BPP today and under the qualification structure it says that i can complete the indirect tax and spreadsheets module by workplace evidence as well as a CBA. I cant see any infomration on this on the AAT website. Has anyone done it this way/have any information on it.

Note I am currently in a full time accountancy role.

Thanks in advance.


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    I know that you can do the Spread-sheet EXAM in your place of work if you get someone senior to supervise you. They have to sign a statement (as do you) stating that it is all your own work etc. They give you time for the exam and then a cut-off time when the work must be submitted (i.e they give you an extra hour once finished to submit the exam). Its a fairly simple process but since it's not done that often it really is a bit of a pain getting it sorted out. Best advice? Do it with your study provider!
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