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I missed the WEAF tuition at the beginning of L2 and so I have decided to take it without any.

I've got some class notes from people on my course, but if anyone has any exam tips please share!!


  • janwaljanwal Experienced Mentor Posts: 1,189Registered
    Hi Louise

    Make sure you know the layout of a report, give each piece a header and watch your grammer, a lot of our group failed on this and it is worth 31 marks,

  • Sulew17Sulew17 Well-Known Posts: 174Registered
    The format was pretty much the same as the practise assessments. Give clear, precise answers - don't waffle! Some of our class thought the more they wrote the better on some of the questions but went too far and ended up failing. As Janwal says keep an eye on your grammar and punctuation. Read through the scenario carefully before attempting any questions and then go back to the scenario to make sure you haven't missed anything.

    To be honest a lot of this exam is common sense although ti might be handy to have an idea about health & safety and data protection as these could come up.

    I wasn't looking forward to this exam at all but it wasn't as bad as I had feared.

    Finally got my WEAF results this week (took in May) and passed both. Just waiting for confirmation on my Computerised Accounts exam - tutor told me I've passed but it needs to be verified. Once I get that then Level 2 is finished. Can't wait to start Level 3 in September.
  • Louise89Louise89 Trusted Regular England, UKPosts: 296MAAT
    Thanks guys, I'm feeling a lot more confident about the exam now!

    Although I am trying to see an online video of a taught lesson just incase I'm missing anything, but Kaplan are being a bit slow with regards to giving me access to the live online links..
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