Study Notes - Fincancial statments & perfomance

wajoda2002 Registered Posts: 28 Regular contributor ⭐
Good Afternoon Everyone,

Well I have had all my results back and have failed the above 2 (I have asked for feedback on FP as I was confident I would pass that one)

I just wondered if any of you wonderfully clever MAAT have any study notes that I could have that are now surplus as I wont be going back to college for these units, I will just be doing revision then sitting my exams.

I hope I don't offend anyone with this request, but I don't have anyone to study with and hopefully looking at other people's notes and the books, might help it all click into place.

Also the past papers for FNST are totally different on here to my CBA :(

Have a great bank holiday


  • gangstara
    gangstara Registered Posts: 27 Epic contributor 🐘
    I have failed both of them myself, i was confident i was gonna pass both of them i dnt know what happened.i check my exam results everyday hoping they made a mistake. its tuesday, um writting both of them on saturday. hoping its the last time i write them..
  • babsa
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    I have some questions that we did in class if that'll help. in box me.
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