Sales & Purchase Ledger Job Information needed

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I am a newly qualified AAT Technician with no work experience.
I have an interview for a sales and purchase ledger clerk and would love to hear from anyone who is working in this post or has in the past. Any information of what you do day to day, end of month and how. Along with any problems that may have occurred and how you dealt with them would help. Really anything that will hold me in good stead for the interview as I have no experience to go on to answer questions, but can at least give it a go with good back ground knowledge, that's where you come in.

Thank you in advance for your time and advice all greatly appreciated.



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    Hi Metatron,

    I have mostly worked in purchase ledger so can give some advice on the role, the tasks of the role involve:

    1. Matching, batching and coding invoices
    2. Entering invoices onto accounting software
    3. Preparing payment runs to suppliers
    4. Supplier statement reconciliations
    5. Dealing with supplier queries
    6. Preparing aged creditor reports for management
    7. Bank reconciliations (Payments)
    8. Filing

    These are the usual tasks I have come across, it also depends on the size of the organisation you work for, you may only do 1 task in a big team in a large company and in a smaller company you may complete all purchase ledger tasks and could be working alone or in a small team.

    Never really worked in sales ledger but here are some of the duties involved:

    1. Preparing sales invoices for customers
    2. Credit control
    3. Preparing monthly statements
    4. Preparing aged debtor reports for management
    5. Bank reconciliations (receipts)
    6. Dealing with customer queries
    7. Dealing with customer's cheques/cash to be banked
    8. Filing

    I am sure there are more tasks involved with both roles but hopefully this should help :-)
  • Metatron
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    Thank you for your very detailed reply very much appreciated.

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