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BA1 - Exam Results

Mosh13Mosh13 New MemberRegistered Posts: 8
Hey. Just wanted to know if it would be possible for me to find out what percentage I got within this exam? Will the percentage I achieved show on MyAAT?

Also, I have read on the website that the AAT issues certificates on a monthly basis. Are these certificates awarded after the completion of a full level?



  • JoKnapekJoKnapek New Member Registered Posts: 14
    No you only get a competent or not yet competent. I think you can pay about 30 quid to get your exact result but it's not worth it at this level.

    Regarding the certificate, I've taken three of the five exams and have yet to receive one so I assume you get it for completing the full course.
    good Luck.
  • Sulew17Sulew17 Well-Known Registered Posts: 174
    Hi, you'll receive your certificate when you have finished the complete level. They seem to arrive approx 2 months after you get your final 'competent' result. Good luck.

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