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Hi Guys

I sat my CRMC project on 7th September. I failed part 1 :-( and am just waiting for the results of part 2.

I still have ICAS and Financial Statements to do and was thinking about starting one of these whilst waiting for my results and to do my resit which is booked for 26th October.

Do you think this is possible as I read that ICAS is an intense 12 week timetable and doing another subject at the same time isn't good.

Also can you do ICAS quicker or will it take 12 weeks?

I can't wait till I've finished!!!!!!


  • Dipak Thanki
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    I dragged my ICAS and didn't start it until like 3 months after it had been set and it took me roughly around two weeks of working on it everyday to complete, after which I had to make some corrections from the feedback that i was given by my tutor.
  • gaffa_02
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    I've just recieved mine back as competent and it took around the same, 2 weekends with a few minor adjustments to make like a couple of wrong keys caught and a couple of times i forgot to use 3rd person, all in all about 30 mins to correct.
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