AP1 & AP2 exam query

I am confused, alot of people are saying they have AP1 exams, I thought you do AP1 & AP2 on the same day, not the same exam but 2 different ones?
Does it vary from company to company or exam centres?


  • Luciana
    Luciana Registered Posts: 75 ? ? ?
    I took AP I and AP II on differernt days with Kaplan.
  • mrb82
    mrb82 Registered Posts: 147 ? ? ?
    I think my college go with BPP, the exams are on different dates.
  • Clarekaye
    Clarekaye Registered Posts: 307
    I am studying through Eagle and did the study stuff for AP1 last week but all the mock exams are done after AP2.
    Maybe I will check with them as I was hoping to get one in before Christmas.
  • janwal
    janwal Registered Posts: 1,189
    I am studying at college we have AP1 on 10th January, we haven't even studied AP11 yet, it does sometimes say your not competent on certain bits until you have done both.

  • Kirsty83
    Kirsty83 Registered Posts: 57 ? ? ?
    At my college API and APII are split out in terms of both teaching and examinations.

    We have our API exam on 7th December and will be starting the APII section after that. We're scheduled for our APII exam late Jan/early Feb.
  • anisurrahman
    anisurrahman Registered Posts: 130 ? ? ?
    Hi Calre

    We are doing AP1 now and then we will do AP2 once we are done with AP1...

  • Louise89
    Louise89 MAAT Posts: 296
    AP1 & 2 - you could sit them on the same day if you booked two exams! They are just like BA1 & 2
  • Clarekaye
    Clarekaye Registered Posts: 307
    I am struggling a bit with the ap2 questions, do I really need to know the ap2 section to pass the ap1?

    I have revised ap1 to the moon and back but didnt want to confuse myself by trying to nail ap2.
    Oh dear I think I shall just cross my fingers and hope!
    Lousie, I didnt do level 2 the same way as this I did just one exam (AAT ABC)
  • Louise89
    Louise89 MAAT Posts: 296
    Basically Accounts Preparation was a big syllabus, so AAT decided to split it into two for the new qualification framework.

    I would say that you need to know how to do API first because there are elements of it in the APII exam, not vice versa. If you did not do Level 2, then you need to be sure you fully understand double entry as well as understanding API.

    Keep practicing APII and you will eventually nail it.

    Good luck x
  • Clarekaye
    Clarekaye Registered Posts: 307
    I have my certificate in level 2, to be honest I cant believe not many people have heard of it,
    Its about £125, I got a cd which installed a little program onto my machine, a workbook ok much bigger than osbourne ones lol, and if I hadnt moved/broken computer/got bored then I could have done it within a year....second exam later and I got my level 2 certificate Ta Daaaa :-)

    I am pretty confident at my double entry, the things I am struggling with are more in the ap2 sections.
    Quite excited about the exam, have no clue how I am going to do but hay wont know until I try.

    Thanks! :-)
  • janwal
    janwal Registered Posts: 1,189
    Hi Clare

    You do not need to know APII to do your API exam at all, we haven't even looked at the book yet and we sit API on the 10th Jan then we start APII. It's a good job beacause I am struggling with API as it is.

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