How "Competent" am I?

I'm now at the stage where I'm hoping to press the Submit button for the final time tomorrow.

During my one to one at work last week, my studying naturally came up in conversation, and a discussion about what next.

Throughout the 30 months it's taken me to get (fingers crossed) though AAT I've always wished we had more than "Competent" / "Not yet Competent" as I've wished that I had a better understanding of how well / badly I was doing.
I completely understand that there is a risk that finding out that you've got a 95% may mean that you are
tempted to drop some time from your "Study sessions" and therefore could suddenly become "Not yet Competent"

However, being (again fingers crossed) at the end, and having to think about what next, I would dearly love to have a better picture of how I've really done.

If I am going to go on and start the next level, for a number of reasons, it means I'm essentially committing myself
for the next 5 or 6 years - assuming first time passes!

In order to make the decision it would really help to know if I've just scrapped through everything (In which case -forget it!) or that I've done actually pretty well!

I understand that past performance is no guarantee etc... but when I was at school and did my GCSE's I did
get some guidance from teachers as to if they thought A level was worth me thinking about!

Does anyone know if the is a way of finding out?!


  • nicd1981
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    Hi Auntie,
    do you study at college or at home?
    your tutor can go on the tutor zone and get feedback for exams taken from the 21st of October. It tells you wether you met, borderline, did not meet or exceeded tasks.
    Its not percentages but at least itll give you some idea
    nic x
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  • coojee
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    Your tutor should also have marked some work for you before you sat the exams so they should have a rough idea of what level you are and whether you're able to start the next level. The report that you get from the AAT isn't really worth the paper it's written on, unless you get "exceeded" for all the standards :-)
  • Ellabobbin
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    So glad that someone else feels how I do about this.

    I qualified last year and was always frustrated that I couldn't find out just how well I had done. However, you have to get 70% in both parts of the paper, in GCSE that would be A/A* and so just to be competant you have achieved a good mark.

    That said, it would be great to find out how close to writing the perfect paper you were.....
  • AuntieT
    AuntieT Registered Posts: 96 ? ? ?
    I've studied Level 4 with BPP, so don't feel I can really say I've had a normal tutor as I would call it. I have written to my tutor for my last module ICAS asking her if she can help, am waiting to see if she can!
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