Tips on passing WEAF???

Mollypod88Mollypod88 Well-KnownRegistered Posts: 155
Hi All,

Any tips for passing WEAF Part A?



  • JaffasGirlJaffasGirl Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 387
    Hello :D

    1) Take your time
    2) Double check your spelling and grammar.
    3) make sure you know how to layout an email, letter etc
    4) dont waffle - you only need to put whats necessary.

    Thats the main things really, the tasks are not difficult as such, it's more learning how they want things answered really. But you need to look at the learning area on here for that sort of thing.
  • Sheepish93Sheepish93 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 26
    i agree with JaffasGirl, definately make sure you know the layout of a memo, email, letter, report etc. Also read everything twice and make sure you read through the paper before you start as i found that it helped with some questions to read the one after before it. Along with this i would say you also need to revise areas about consequences of work not being done and how the accounts dept supports the rest as i found this was the area i fell down on, mostly though just make sure you prepare fully and take your time and try not to stress :)
  • LulabellLulabell Just Joined Registered Posts: 2

    I always find it helps to do a mind map. Start off by putting down bullet points of what needs to be included in the answer (sometimes the questions helps you out with this) and then keep adding to it within your answer.

    If you get really stuck, move on and then come back to it.
  • deedideedi New Member Registered Posts: 6

    When I took mine last year the exam was very close to mock one. WEAF was a strange one as you don't know what to expect. Also take time to learn the terminology. Read the questions well as they normally give you a clue.
    PS good luck, bet you will do OK :thumbup1:
  • Mollypod88Mollypod88 Well-Known Registered Posts: 155
    Thanks for your help everyone. Just found out I'll be sitting a supplementary paper. Not looking foward to this! Just want to pass so I can get my Level 2 Certificate!
  • Louise89Louise89 Trusted Regular England, UKMAAT Posts: 296

    I wouldn't worry too much about this module.

    It is basically applying common sense and if you work in a finance dept or office using a computer you should be fine.

    As always double check your grammar & spelling and you should be okay.

    Good luck :)
  • Mollypod88Mollypod88 Well-Known Registered Posts: 155
    Thanks Louise89. I work as an AP Clerk but failed WEAF A last year and I'm worried I won't be able to pass it this time round :-(
  • Louise89Louise89 Trusted Regular England, UKMAAT Posts: 296
    Aw Mollypod, you will, just don't panic!

    Just take your time and read back over everything to see if what you've wrote makes sense and is applicable to the question.

    Best thing to do is practice! Get some mocks and test yourself on them, this will give you more confidence when you take the exam, which really does help.

    Fingers crossed! x
  • Mollypod88Mollypod88 Well-Known Registered Posts: 155
    Passed!! woohoo! Level 2 complete :001_tt2:
  • MultitaskerMultitasker Just Joined Registered Posts: 3
    Hi Mollypod,
    Congratulations on passing, Ive got to resit WEAF A this thursday 15th, ive been told its a supplementary, any tips on what to expect, Im concentrating mostly on solvency, CPD and report writing x
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