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Hi all,

Ive just booked my exam for 4 weeks time, but i havent started studying the subject just yet (will be starting today) i'm currently studying at home.

is 4 weeks enough? and how much time (hours per week) do you think i'll need to put in...

i'll try and do as much as i can so im fully prepared but i dont want to start off too slow and be panicking just before the exam?



  • AbelAbel Feels At Home Registered Posts: 46
    Hi there, I'm not too sure about learning at home but I'm studying in college and i do one day a week WEAF study which is 3-4 hours/pw. I have been doing that for, 6-7 months now and we still havent been told exactly the date of the exam. But since most of it it's common sense i think that if you study hard and constantly, 4 weeks should be enough to get you ready for the exam. I really hope you pass, i find it so easy and i feel like i could do the exam right now. Too bad i have to follow the college schedule, but the main point is it's really easy.
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    I'm studying at college too and we are about to start WEAF next week, we only do one morning a week for 3 hours and we are only spending two weeks [only 6 hours] on this topic then its the exam the week after. Surely that can't be enough time to prepare for the exam? :001_unsure: Obviously we will have to do some studying at home but I've no idea what to expect in this topic and my book hasn't arrived yet. So at least you have more time to prepare than me for the exam lol.
    Has anyone got any advice on what preparation i can do? thanks :001_smile:
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