Weaf part a exam tomorrow

Any tips on what sort of questions to expect would be much appreciated.




  • AbelAbel Feels At Home Registered Posts: 46
    Hi there, I'm studying for WEAF too. I'm a long way from exam but, have you tried to look for past papers on the AAT website? I'm pretty sure they have some practice papers you can try on. Also my teacher said CPD is like 20% of the paper. From what the teacher told us, you can expect a SWAT analysis question, planning tasks by their importance and urgency, CPD, also i think you might get some questions related to the Data Protection Act but i'm not too sure about that one. Hope you pass, just go through you notes before the exam and try to pick extra key words, always helps me. GOOD LUCK
  • christopher1970christopher1970 Just Joined Registered Posts: 2
    hi thanks for the advice, yes i've tried the past papers. It's my last exam for level 2 so hopefully i'll pass.
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