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Computerised Accounting Sage Trial?

carriecusickcarriecusick Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 35

I want to know if its possible to do the Computerised Accounting exam as an external candidate, and allso if the 30 day free trial 'sage one' is suitable? Or if there is another suitable free trial i could use as im on a budget!!



  • janwaljanwal Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 1,189
    Hi Carrie

    For the free trial your better off using Sage Instant Accounts, that is the one I used. Not sure about your first question but as far as I know you need to be with a provider as AAT don't make this exam, I am studying through college so had no problems.

  • JaffasGirlJaffasGirl Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 387
    You have to be with a provider for this one, as it is marked by the provider not the AAT.

    Does anyone know if you are able to complete this exam at work? and i mean the exam and not work based evidence.

    I am just about to start a new job (finally accounts! yippee!) and I would feel bad asking for a day off already to take the exam. Would probably just be better to have three/four hours stuck in a room doing the exam. Not sure which they would rather, but just wanted to find out if this was even possible for this exam.

  • PusPus New Member Registered Posts: 9
    yes u can sit ur exam at work but it needs to supervised by ur manger ...I will be sitting mine at work ....u need to ask ur tutor or aat to email the exam to ur manger....and he/or she will give u the code to ur exam on the day u will be sitting...
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