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Confused about level 2

zeebethzeebeth Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 3
Hi all

I'm currently doing the level 2 certificate and have already sat the BAI exam and have the BAII exam on the 17th April.

My question is this which other modules are examined, which ones are not? And for the ones which are not done via exam what are they and how do I go about sitting them as I'm not in an accounts related job at the moment?

I'm a kaplan distnace learner and they have been very vague about how each unit is assessed!


  • carriecusickcarriecusick Feels At Home Registered Posts: 35

    i'm glad your asking this question as i'm having the same problem! I to am a distance learner
    BAI, BAII, and Basic Costing are all computer based assesments. WEAF and Computerised Accounting are assesed differently, but how i am still yet to find out!
    I have contacted both BPP and Kaplan about this and i agree they are very vague! I have asked my local study centre and this is the reply i got:
    'I have spoken to AAT and they tell me you have to book these projects through your learning provider i.e. Home Learning Collage, They will then book a slot with us and supply an access code for you to unlock the project.'

    But this hasn't really cleared things up with me. I hope this has helped you ... abit!
  • Diddy MauDiddy Mau Well-Known Registered Posts: 238
    if I remember correctly
    Weaf is done in two parts on a computer like other exams, however the work is submitted to AAT and they then manually mark this
    Computerised Accounts is done on Sage, where you do tasks on Sage, this is saved and marked after.
    these 2 are the only ones where you dont get instant results

    hope this helps
  • NicFNicF Well-Known Registered Posts: 108
    Hi, WEAF and computer based accounting are both computer based projects and both are marked by the training provider. The paper for WEAF is accessed though learn plus on My AAT and is then uploaded back to Learn Plus when you have finished. I think the other one works in the same way. You can sit both either at a Kaplan center or in the work place if you have some where appropriate and someone willing to invigilate. I'd recommend doing them at a Kaplan center though as you will get help with downloading and uploading the exam.

    When you book your exam at the Kaplan center, or have arranged a time to do them in your work place, then you need to send a computer based project request form direct to the distance learning team at Kaplan (this is a different email to where you send your form to book the exam time). They will then schedule the project to be available to you through learn plus at the time you have booked.
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