Suggestions for studying order of level 2 please :)

XiyunXiyun Just JoinedPosts: 3Registered
Hi everyone, I'm currently studying the level 2 books by myself and I've just passed BAI this week. Since I've heard lots of people complaining about slow marking speed of the WEAF exam, I'm wondering if i can sit this exam next then move on to the other subjects while I'm waiting for the result? Please feel free to offer suggestions :)

Thank you very much



  • NicFNicF Well-Known Posts: 108Registered
    You can do the exams in any order you like, although as BA2 follows straight on from BA1 it kind of makes sense to do that while BA1 is still fresh in your mind.

  • XiyunXiyun Just Joined Posts: 3Registered
    Thank you Nicola, maybe I can sit the WEAF after I finish with BAII? This way I won't have to waste time on waiting for the result before I can continue to study for Level 3. Have you taken the WEAF exam? Is it related to basic costing or computerized accounting?

    Thank you very much
  • SarahJSSarahJS Trusted Regular Posts: 273Registered
    I'd do BA2 next as it is similar to what you have already done.

    As for WEAF, if you are just waiting for those marks to finish level 2 you can star studying level 3, as you do not neec to have passed level 2 to take level 3 exams.

    WEAF isn't really related to any other of the level 2 modules.
  • XiyunXiyun Just Joined Posts: 3Registered
    Thank you SarahJS, I think I'll just do BAII first :P
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