CMPA - doesn't sink in

PetanaPetana Feels At HomePosts: 72Registered
:blushing: I have really enjoyed the first three units of level 2 but struggling with CMPA and loosing the will to continue with my studies.

Can somebody please answer with following:

1. I need to enter general ledger opening balances for VAT on sales, VAT on purchases and Drawings? Which GL would I use?

many thanks



  • omega manomega man Trusted Regular Posts: 283Registered
    Sales vat is 2200 in nominal legder and purchases vat is 2201.
    With drawing you have to make a new nominal account code i would use 3002,you do this by going into nominal ledger and clicking record and a box should come up allowing you to change things.
    I hope that helps.
  • PetanaPetana Feels At Home Posts: 72Registered
    Thank you very much, that really helps. :thumbup1:
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