Questions that crop up in BA1 BA2

SashaDellaSashaDella Trusted RegularPosts: 362Registered

I am currently studying for my first exams and come across things in my revision that I wanted to know if they were actually in the exam?

Do they ask questions about legal terms? ie agreement?
Do they ask questions about Statute Law etc and all those written questions?



  • GemmaSGemmaS Well-Known Posts: 178Registered
    Hi SashaDella,

    I sat BA1 & 2 back in January and ss far as i can remember they don't ask about the legal terms or statute law. There are a couple of practice exams on the AAT website which are the same format as the exam so i would suggest you have a look at those before your exam as they are really good for getting your confidence up and getting an idea of the structure and contents of the exams :D
  • SashaDellaSashaDella Trusted Regular Posts: 362Registered
    You know the CBAs you suggested on the AAT website.. How do I know which ones I got right and wrong ? Do i have to check as I go along with the answers sheet? Because when i click complete it doesnt give me feedback on the answers I got wrong etc

  • omega manomega man Trusted Regular Posts: 283Registered
    Open the answers part and keep until the end,but do not click finish just check your answers first and do not correct anything as you want a true result.
    It will help you as to where you might be going wrong though.
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