CMPA help please.

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Hi. I am currently studying for my CMPA exam. I have the Kaplan text book and have worked through that and I'm on the look out for another textbook to go through as I'm still not really comfortable with the module but I can't seem to find any for CMPA? I really like the BPP books but I've looked in a few places and can't see that they do CMPA. Was just wondering what everyone else has used/is using.

Also, I could do with some help with a question..."Received, by cheque, from Fiona Wittin, for a plant display. £90.00 including VAT" I thought I knew what to do here, but my trial balance is differing from my model answer, so if someone could quickly run through how I should be entering that transaction that would be great! Do I have to create a new bank account for cash sales? Thanks!


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    Yes you need to open anothe bank account (Cash in Hand) and post the chque as a receipt.
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    hi I am doing CMPA at the moment and struggle with some parts of it. Could you tell me why would you post the cheque receipt to 'cash in hand' account if it goes straight to the bank. You don't really get the physical cash, if the payment is made by cheque.
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    What they are asking for here is that its a bank receipt to the current account 1200 and the NC for posting the sales to is 4002. At the start it says that the company wishes to analyse the sales into 3 category's and sales from friends. So select bank then receipt and I am sure you can pick it up from there.

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