Lvl 2 ba2

AndyrusAndyrus New MemberPosts: 8Registered
Passed BA2 last night. That's it Lvl 2 over |Bring on LVL 3.



  • SashaDellaSashaDella Trusted Regular Posts: 362Registered
    Well done :D
    Im about to book my first exam for level 2 this week!! EEK

  • GemmaSGemmaS Well-Known Posts: 178Registered
    Well Done Andy! I'll be starting Level 3 as well very soon as well. who do you study with?

    Good Luck Sasha... you'll breeze through I'm sure! :D
  • AndyrusAndyrus New Member Posts: 8Registered
    I studied with Joseph Priestly Beeston Campus Leeds , Excellent tutors .
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