CMPA - Time management and Printing

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Hi All

I am taking CMPA in June, I have taken level two CBT's but this is my first CBP.

I have tried the mock assesments on AAT website and so far so good but each time I seem to be very
close to 3 hours. I have rushed the smaller section which requires 14 out of 19 to pass and I am concerned
that under exam conditions I could run out of time.

There have also been some comments on the difficulty in a number of users all picking up prints at the
same time. When we are printing direct from SAGE how can we be sure its our print? Is there a way of adding our name?

I am taking the exam at BPP in Shepherds Bush.

If anyone has completed this exam and can offer some tips on the above it would be appreciated.



  • liveprincessliveprincess Well-Known Posts: 214Registered
    hi my exam is also in June and I was told that we won't really be printing anything, just the booklet which has been uploaded into your Learnplus account. We will be taking screenshots and saving them on the discs and then uploading them back to LEarnplus to be assessed. However I study with Kaplan so it might be different than yours. It would be best to just check with your exam centre or training provider.
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    In configuration when you put the company name in just add your own name there too,it will then print your name on each document.
    We will not be doing much printing either as we will just import our files whatever they are to a folder.
  • sdvsdv Experienced Mentor Posts: 585Registered
    you are most likely to do this exam on a Sage software

    In sage you can print any document in PDF through print function and select a PDF printer.

    Save this PDF file on the desktop and upload it to learn plus.

    You will not have to wait near the printer to get your printed work and you will be sure that you are uploading your own work
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