Anyone have any ATT materials to sell?

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I'm looking for any materials relating to PTX, BTX or IHT papers, as well as anything for the law and ethics e-assessments. As this is tax, unfortunately they would need to be FA11. If you have anything you're interested in selling PM me pleasewith details.

When I've looked at materials online the only info I've found that you can buy separately from a course are the TQT books, does anyone know if these are any good?

If anyone has any suggestions of any websites that would be useful I'd appreciate that too!



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    Hi Sarah

    I only have the Business Compliance books for the current exam sittings however some of my friends sat the business tax paper in May so these will still be valid for the November exams.

    The results for the May sitting only come out on 17th July so you might find it hard finding anyone to buy books from until after this date as they'll be keeping hold of them in case they need to resit.

    Good luck with personal tax :)
  • SarahJSSarahJS Trusted Regular Posts: 272Registered
    Thanks. I'll try to remember to bump this thread after then! Good luck :)
  • SarahJSSarahJS Trusted Regular Posts: 272Registered
    Bumped now results are in, hope everyone has got their passes!
  • SimmyluvsuSimmyluvsu Feels At Home Posts: 55Registered
    Thanks Sarah - I Passed!
    Sadly a lot of my friends failed business tax so I can't pass your request on to buy their books. Good luck in your search though!
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    Congrats to the passes.

    I used the TQT books from BPP for all 3 tax modules and passed all first time (self-study only). Highly recommended.

    I have the Tolley's study packs for the e-assessments which I still need to do.

    I keep all my text books as they are really good reference material :)
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    I have the personal tax books for sale if you haven't already got them, for Nov 2012 sitting.
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