C&R exam pass

I passed C&Revenues today, but I dont feel very pleased with myself, I only scraped through and really struggled with the questions, for example they give you a revised break even figure- how do you work out the costs :-(

I went to my local college and it was unprofessional and just not a good environment plus every 15 mins a thing would flash up on my screen about it shutting down to save energy because I am not a student there and I couldnt log on properly.
And when I got out the guy told me I did alright but then was saying I should really learn more about it because in Level 4 I will really struggle and told me I literally only just passed.
Feel exhausted :crying:


  • Haysah
    Haysah Registered Posts: 80 Epic contributor 🐘
    Hi Clarekaye,

    Congratulations you passed woo hoo!! a scrape is a pass and sometimes a few bad questions can throw the whole paper. I expect it was more that than your knowledge, plus in addition the computer keep going to shut down sounds like a right headache. It is done relax tonight and enjoy your pass. :thumbup1:

    Hay x
  • James Patterson
    James Patterson Registered Posts: 281
    I have this exam in a week or so.

    You should ask the college to send you the feedback from your exam, then whichever question you didnt meet have a look at it when you have some revision time.

    You obviously knew it well enough to pass, so i'm sure you know your stuff.

  • SamiH
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    Congratulations on passing :)
  • missm4ry4m
    missm4ry4m Registered Posts: 177 Beyond epic contributor 🧙‍♂️
    Congratulations on passing! You obviously had the knowledge to get over 70%, C&R is a tough exam and students do struggle with it! Well done though and keep going :)
  • Jetina
    Jetina Registered Posts: 31 Epic contributor 🐘
    Well done for passing :-) As others have said, it is a tough exam so don't beat yourself up.
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