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Please throw in your opinions to help me decide.(Work related stuff)

AbelAbel Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 46
Hello friends.
I am finding myself in a bit of a difficult position right now and thought of finding your opinions on the matter to help me decide.

The scenario is: I am an apprentice doing 4 days work and 1 day study per week. I almost finished AAT lvl 2 and will go on to Lvl 3 in about 1 month. My current workplace is 2 hours away from where I live, so i spend around 4 hours each day travelling. That was not a problem until now because i had the time, but now my girlfriend will come to live with me and I just cannot afford to leave at 7 am and get back at 8pm or so, because i will need some free time to spend with her. Also, since I am an apprentice my boss decided I only get paid £2.60 an hour while i have friends doing apprenticeships and earning £6.50. Now I have decided to try and get a new job, closer to where I live and better paid, since I have 4 months experience now and have finished lvl 2 ( when i started my current job i had no experience and i had just started lvl 2). However, the main problem is that my study provider who found me this job stated that they have some jobs available but none of them is accounts related.
So my question is, should i go get a closer and better paid job even if it does not get me the experience? I mean, I could get the experience after finishing my lvl 4? Or is it better to just stay where I am with the same pay? Thank you in advance:D


  • baileyqueensbaileyqueens Settling In Nicely Registered Posts: 27
    Bit of a dilemma for you mate, personally I would stay where you are until a job which is accounts based comes up closer to home. The more experience you get in accounts the better. Employers like to see a good amount of experience and qualifications so in my opinion staying in a accounts setting will help you in the long run. Hope that helps.

  • SashaDellaSashaDella Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 362
    an accounting job will come up you just have to keep looking!
    However it is worth looking into the other roles and seeing what opportunity they bring!

  • tedwalkertedwalker New Member Registered Posts: 10
    Never give up. Good accounting jobs will come your way, but give it some time. I know it sounds easier to be said than done, but then everyone thrives on hope, don't they? Keep working where you are until you find a better job. If you are good, then you will definitely get hired. A small tip - If you'd like to show more experience in your cv then try you chances by approaching and NGO and volunteer to do their accounting tasks whenever you have some spare time. This might make your cv look better.
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