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WEAF Practice Assessments

billdoorbilldoor Well-KnownRegistered Posts: 129
Hi all

I'm due to take my WEAF CBP next week and am currently trying to prepare. I have done the two practice assessments in my BPP workbook but have then found that the practice assessments available on the AAT website are the exact same ones.

Does anybody know where I can access some more WEAF practices? Ideally I'd like four different ones so that I can do one each day before my CBP.

Thanks very much:001_smile:


  • SashaDellaSashaDella Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 362
    I've been struggling to find many resources for WEAF also! I've used Osbourne and it only has the Debson drinks CBP... I think reading through and testing yourself on questions is the only way forward, because you need to apply the knowledge to different situations.

    Its made me rather anxious! But good luck with your exam, and let me know if you find any practices and how your exam goes. (I'm taking both parts on Tuesday!)
  • billdoorbilldoor Well-Known Registered Posts: 129
    Hi Sasha

    Thanks for your reply:thumbup1:

    I didn't find any more practice assessments, I asked my online tutor if he knew where I could access some but he didn't. Searches on this forum found the same question had been asked before with no responses so I presume there are no others!

    I sat the exam last Tuesday, I think it went okay but don't know my result yet. I'd recommend just reading the book etc and practice the questions and assessment to make sure you can list your answers in full without having to refer to the book.

    In the CBP, I'd also say SAVE YOUR WORK OFTEN, it's a Word file and mine crashed when I'd completed the questions - I had to re-do 3/4 of the questions again as I'd lost my work. So be sure to save your work often, after each task at least, just in case.

    Good luck with your exam, I have CMPA on Monday.
  • EricaChenEricaChen New Member Registered Posts: 13
    Good luck guys.
  • gulabganggulabgang Registered Posts: 2
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