Costs & rvenues exam

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I am revising for my C&R exam and I do not find the subject that difficult however I am reading all the threads about this exam on here and I start to panic slightly. How should I prepare for that then?
Any advise?


  • magda
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    Have you got any suggestions how to prepare for the exam? I have done all four CBA practice and the practice assessment and I am doing everything 100% correct. So how should I prepare for the exam?
    What else should I look at?
  • sdv
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    C&R exam is in 2 sections

    You need to pass both sections

    In section 1 - make sure that you fully understand and "Exceed" in Labour and Allocation and Absorption of Overheads.

    In section 2 - Make sure that you understand marginal costing concept! ie- how to work out break even (in units and in sales value), Target profit, limiting factor and finally investmentment appraisal techniques.

    If you exceed in these sections you are sure to have passed this exam.

    Thre are a number of practice papers on AAT website, Osbourne books website and also try Open tuition website (F2)
  • magda
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    Thank you :-)
    Well I think I do understand all of those sections you mentioned and I do not find it particularly difficult that is why I am getting a bit paranoid what difficulty I can meet at the exam.
    Well exam on Friday so we will see...
  • janwal
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    Hi Magda

    I panicked when reading all the threads on here, but to be honest I found it quite an ok exam, yes some of the questions were worded slightly different but as long as you knew the subject it was a case of picking out the right bits. I passed first time and actually found AP2 harder.

    Good luck for Friday

  • magda
    magda Registered Posts: 31 💫 🐯 💫
    Thank you Janwal :001_smile:
    I have read most of the sections once again yesterday. Think I will stop reading the threads before the exams :-)
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