PTX & BTX vs credit & auditing

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Am I right thinking the they are related?
Which of the path is better?
Whcih of them more relates to the FNST which I'm going to do as a last modul?

Whcih of them did you find easier or more useful?

Thank you.


  • Jo Clark
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    I studied PTX and BTX. BTX follows on nicely from PTX but you can study them in any order. Depending on what you plan to do after completing the AAT I think the two tax papers are essential especially if you plan to set up as a MIP. If you are really keen there is nothing to stop you studying all four optional modules!

    Godd luck with your decision making.

    JC :o
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  • Spamkebab
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    I agree with Jo,

    An MIPs clients are going to be more interested in tax and tax advice than credit control, especially since the majority of clients will be smalls business/sole traders.

    However, if you are looking to work in industry the other 2 modules may be more apt depending upon the position you are currently working or seeking.

    Then theres further study, i'd say that the tax modules are best if you want to progress onto ACCA, I'm not to sure about CIMA (CGMA).
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