which order to do level 2

caroline23caroline23 Feels At HomePosts: 53Registered
i have done BA1 and BA2 and now onto my next module, i have seen some people do the computerised
accounts first and others say basic costing and working effectively in accounting is better to do first




  • liveprincessliveprincess Well-Known Posts: 214Registered
    with the remaining 3 modules it doesn't matter in which order you do them. they are not connected at all. I'd say don't do CMPA last as you have to wait few weeks for the results.
  • NileshladvaNileshladva Settling In Nicely Posts: 22Registered
    Hi Caroline,

    Just started my level 2 as well, but like liveprincess has said, the last three modules are not connected and so you can do them in any order you want.

    Personally, just go with what your comfortable with and it shoudl all work out! :)
  • Duracell BunnyDuracell Bunny New Member Posts: 7Registered
    This is strange as my training provider (college) have advised and it's in the study plan that I do Ba1 which i've done and now weaf, I recon I should have done ba2 straight after ba1 :(
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