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Hi Guys,

My tutor said I need to put the EAS & PIC numbers at the end of each of my paragraphs, but I cant find a document with them on so I can refer to it, has anyone got a copy I could have?



  • Malcolm Green
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    Try this link on MyAAT:

    From the level 4 page and ICAS section have a look at the standards for your mapping references aslo if you look at the guidance this will confirm what your findings should be showing.

  • Whirlwind
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    Hi - hope you dont mind me hijacking your thread!!

    I'm just working on the mapping document - finding it even harder than the actual project as I seem to have a few paragraphs that answer each section. Anyhooo I am rushing this bit as my tutor says to worry about it with final submission (uploading 1st draft tonight), so if I cant work it out by tomorrow will have to be patient!!
  • Malcolm Green
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    I would agree the mapping is the hardest bit, as this is what the project is all about, demonstrating the areas of competence that is being looked for in the unit and your interpretation of these in your completed project.

    As you have to cover all of these areas it can only help if you feel you are covering the standards in more than one place to list all of these, without going over the top as certain paragraphs could be viewed as demonstrating a stronger validation of the standards. Also if for no other reason as a backup plan to ensure you have it all covered, should you tutor not agree with your own assessment of the standards in one particular area.
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