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Level 2 computerised accounts exam

SallyC75SallyC75 New MemberRegistered Posts: 6

Can anyone run me through what happens in the computerised accounts exam?

Do you print everything and hand in hard copies or is it a case of screenshots and downloading? Just curious as have mine in a few days.

Also do you get your results straight away?



  • liveprincessliveprincess Well-Known Registered Posts: 214
    Hi in my exam I didn't print anything but I wasn't taking screen shots either. I just had to produce reports in Sage and save them in a folder I created at the start of the exam and then uploaded this whole folder to Learnplus. There is also an exam booklet with the scenario and at the end there are questions you need to answer. Don't forget to save this once you answered them and also upload this file. I don't know if this differs depending on the provider you use but this is what I did. I did the exam with Kaplan. Prior to the exam I received detailed instructions with what to do. Maybe you could ask your training provider for something like this. Good luck.
  • BhavinBhavin New Member Registered Posts: 8
    Hi Sally,

    I have my CMPA exam this saturday.:001_smile:

    Yes, you need to take screen shots and Save reports as PDF, then Zip all files (Screenshots, backup files, PDF files and Part two of the exam) and upload to your learn plus account. (online)

    Make sure you don't forget to upload (if asked) the Active General Ledger/ Nominal Ledger accounts report as this report holds about 80 marks alone. (The Sage Report name is: Nominal Acitivity Excluding no transactions) - Same for General Ledger.

    Results and Human market so i beleive your results will be uploaded within about Six weeks.

    All the best!!


  • BhavinBhavin New Member Registered Posts: 8
    Correction... Results are* Human market :001_tongue:
  • BhavinBhavin New Member Registered Posts: 8
    2nd Correction... Results are* Human marked lol
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