AAT could land you "the job of the week"

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Hello Budding AAT Students,

According to our research, studying AAT could land you the job of the week, so becoming qualified could be one of the best decisions you could make career wise. To find out more, have a read of this article at: http://www.accountingbites.co.uk/2012/12/17/job-of-the-week-13/


Editor, Accounting Bites


  • Spamkebab
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    Is that the correct link, because it doesn't show me how AAT could land me 'the job of the week'

    It's just a link to an advertised job miles from where i live.

    There's no mention of how highly AAT members are sought after or how highly the AAT qualification is regarded.

  • ccfcboy1927
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    I think the OP was being sarcastic - how is this 'Job of the Week'?
  • Spamkebab
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    Lol a sarcastic editor of a (so called) accounting magazine.
  • Bhavin
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    A recruitment consultant using all his forces! get out of here.
  • Sammmy88
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    just a Job Advert?
    Level 2 - Passed 2011
    Level 3 - Passed 2012
    Level 4 - Passed 2014

    Awaiting to start CIMA :)
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