sage certified

caroline23caroline23 Feels At HomePosts: 53Registered
Ive been informed if you are sage certified then you can be signed off for level 2computetised accounting module due to previous experience, has anyone done this instead? If so how do you get signed off do you just upload/send certificate?


  • Rachie278Rachie278 Feels At Home Posts: 55Registered
    Hi, I'm literally just waiting for my training provider to open up the eportfolio on the AAT website, then I apparently scan my certificate and upload it onto the website! If your not training through a company then I guess you could just contact AAT and then could open up the portfolio for you!?
  • caroline23caroline23 Feels At Home Posts: 53Registered
    thanks ive emailed the AAT now, i hope i can do this as it means paying 100 instead of 250!
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