SA & New Rental Income

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With 31st Jan deadline close, a handful of people have been in touch asking for their SA returns to be
completed. Mainly they only started getting income from this source after April 2011. As they're not
registered for SA, first step will be to deal with that and get a UTR.

Am I right in assuming that as they haven't yet been asked to complete a SA, they will have 3 months
from being registered to do so, although there will be a late registration penalty ?


  • groundy
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    With rental income clients, I normally submit a paper return at this time of year. I have never had a client fined and the return is normally accepted followed by the usual letter about not requesting the return but accepting the return. This letter will then included the UTR so no problem for next year.

    I have tried the alternative for one client in November submitted the form to request a UTR, his wife received hers before Xmas and the husband is still waiting. So in future I am sticking with the above
  • JodieR
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    If the only income they've got it rental income & employment then so long as the amounts are under the deminimus they don't need to complete a tax return, they can just advise HMRC of the income and get their tax code amended to collect the tax.
  • jewels.p
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    I agree with JodieR. I have rented out a property in the past and just had to phone HMRC and let them know. Then at the end of each tax year I phoned them up with the net profit and they adjusted my employment tax code accordingly to cover the tax due.
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