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Hi all,

I am newly MAAT (oct 2012). I come from a mechanical background & only started my AAT studies in my late 30s.

I gained my experience for my MAAT by doing credit control, I was just wondering if anyone could give me advice on how to gain a fuller accountancy role in the Birmingham area. I have applied for loads of jobs bookkeeper, ledger clerk, accounts assistant, finance assistant etc etc and although i've had a few interviews and have had good feedback about my interviews I have not yet been offered a role.

Any help would be most appreciated.



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    Hi Jase,
    Good luck - its tough out there. Could you find time to do some voluntary accounts work e.g. for a charityclub? This will provide some experience and also you may make contacts. When I changed careers, I did some very basis audit work with a large charity in London, and this gave me valuable experience which I am sure helped me get my first accounts job. Sometimes these roles are advertised in local papers/advertisers, or you could approach charities/clubs in Birmingham area.
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    Thanks GP I have applied for charity jobs but I am committed so I will look to see if I can help a few hours a week somewhere local to me. Its a plan anyway lol.
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