AP1 - Please can someone give me a kick up the backside & some pointers pls!?

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Hi All,
I've been studying this module on and off since before Christmas and i'm really struggling with the motivation to buckle down and get the exam sorted. As i've been stop/start i feel that i haven't grasped it like previous modules (although this is my first Level 3 so it could be diffiuclty level too). I've tried some greenlights and a practice paper with mixed results, could anyone offer some advice as to how i should approach this? What kind of revision timetables to you all work to (my study time is limited to evenings only)? Are they any key areas i should focus on?
Any help would be much appreciated as i want to get this exam sorted in the next week or two so i can move onto AP2.


  • Clarekaye
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    I completed level 3 today, I can only study in the evenings I try 7-10.30 monday -thursday and a saturday or sunday full day at it. I started in October 2011 and had a week off over xmas.
    All I will say is dont give up, I failed ap1 twice then passed all the others first time and today I have the feeling of wow I did it, and boy what a feeling.
    Greenlights were my enemy I did so bad in most of them I thought I was screwed, I use osborne books/online and my provider is fantastic. If you fail its no biggy at least you know where your not picking things up. I work better to a deadline so I used to book my exams a little earlier than planned and just go for it. Good luck and dont get yourself down :001_smile:
  • Countrybumpkin
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    Congratulations Clarekaye and thank you for your reply. I also work better to a deadline so i've been on the phone to try and organise a date for my exam. I tried another practice assessment today and passed :001_smile: but then did awful on the greenlight :mad2: I'll keep at it and hope that it all falls in place. I'm sure that as soon as i get the first one under my belt it will give me the kick up the backside that i need.

    Are you moving on to Level 4?
  • Rachie278
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    Countrybumpkin! I passed this AP1 and AP2 last week, Im off work with a bad back, so I cracked on with it!

    I would say, get your exam booked, that will motivate you to get it done, otherwise you're going to keep picking at it for ages!

    Make sure you have a really thorough understanding of double entry! Its critical! I noticed that most of the information you really need to know, is which side things go on on a trial balance, really work at that, then when you have balances, you can do your extended trial balance and then you will be able to work out exactly what will go in the income statement and statement of financial position!

    Go through the green light tests but mainly the tutorial bits, they help you loads!

    I open up the practice assesments, then i open up the answers, and as i finish each section, i look at the correct answers, if i got the answer wrong, I sit and work it out till i get the same answer! The practice assesment was identical to the layout of the real exam, so notice where you need to put entries etc, i think that helped me loads! you pick up little bits in the questions then see where they put the answers.

    I sat AP1 and AP2 together, like BA1 and BA2 they are follow on exams and I think it paid well for me to do both together on the same day whilst I was thinking about where everything goes in accounts prep.

    Hope some of that helps, just get the exams booked and get to it!! :001_tongue:

  • Clarekaye
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    I have a holiday booked in March so may decide what to do about level 4 when I get back. Its scary it seems alot harder and more to it than level 3 so I need to have a think.
    I do similar with the practice assessments, print off the answers and write on my answer sheet where I go wrong so in my head I can try and figure it out.
    Yep get it booked as some waits can be over a month which is plenty of time to go over what you know and let us know how you get on:thumbup1:
  • Countrybumpkin
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    Hi guys, sorry for the slow reply - i've been trying to limit my time on here in an attempt to stop avoiding the books! I appreciate all your comments and Rachie i'm really pleased to hear that you recommend sitting AP1 & AP2 on the same day as i was contemplating doing the same.

    Enjoy all your free time Clarekaye and have a great holiday, i'm very jealous!
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