Lost Receipts & VAT Query

Diddy Mau
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Hello all,

we are half way to the weekend:laugh:
I hope the MIP's dont mind me jumping in here, but have a strange question.

Director lost a bunch of receipts, which relate to the business. I said, without the receipts I cannot re-claim the VAT on the purchases. now being told

"It can be allocated if I have lost the receipts you can check they are vat registered and allocate it? All the purchases were business and full vat on all cost."

I have proof of purchase, all paid for on company debit card.
Am I right to stand my ground, or am I simply missing something.


  • Dcollins
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    The best thing to do would be to ask the suppliers for copies.

    HMRC do allow some discretion sometimes, their policy is here http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/manuals/vitmanual/vit31200.htm

    If you do reclaim VAT, perhaps you could print a list of all of the inputs without receipts, cross reference to the bank statements and ask the director to sign it. Then make sure the person authorising the VAT return (if it's someone else) is aware, so that they know what they're authorising.
  • Diddy Mau
    Diddy Mau Registered Posts: 238 ? ? ?
    Hi Dcollins

    thanks for the link, I can never find these using google.
    good reading, however in this situation, it was not from suppliers but general receipts.
    oh well

    But again thanks for the advice
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