Pass rates for AP1 & AP2

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Good evening

Does anyone know the pass rates for the CBT for AP1 & AP2 please.



  • emuratty
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    I believe the pass rate for all the exams is 70%. If the exam has 2 sections then it will be 70% for each section.
  • SashaDella
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    As Emuratty said.. its 70% for section one, and 70% for section two.

    Good Luck
  • omega man
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    I think the person was asking what is the exam pass rate, not what the pass rate is.
    In other words how many students out of 100 pass this exam.
  • Jules18
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    For the year ended 31 December 2012

    CBA success rates were:

    AP1 1st attempt - 87.4%, resits 42.5%, all attempts 70.6%
    AP2 1st attempt - 89.6%, resits 44.6%, all attempts 75.5%

    The resit calc is based on the number of remaining students divided by the number of resits they take (Keep sending the cash please!) eg 100 students - 70 pass on first attempt therefore 70% pass. Remaining 30 have 50 attempts between them and 20 are successful it will be 20/50 = 40% calc. Together this is 90/150 or 60% for all attempts.

    AP1 has the lowest overall pass rate of the L3 exams

    All attempts success rates
    AP1 70.6%; AP2 75.5%; CRS 79.9%; CGMT 80.8%; ITX 75.3%; PEAF 78.6% and SPSW 90.5%.

    Hope this helps
  • cazalino
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    Interesting to know.
    I found AP1 relatively easy but AP2... i just dont get it!
  • Natlewis
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    Currently on level 4. I was fortunate to pass my level 3 first time for everything.... one bit of advice master your SFP and IS and this will give you a good grounding especially if you plan to carry on to level 4 has you will come across these in a deeper form when you do financial statements. Good luck to eveyone thats on level 3 :)
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