Computerised Accounting Exam (SAGE)

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Hi all,

I'm currently studying lvl2 of my AAT by Distance Learning with Kaplan. I'm coming up to my final exams and i I've started to work through the CMPA study on EnGage and have been fine.

What I'm trying to find out is....

How the exam is set out? Will it be like the mock assessments on AAT website and Kaplan? Ive seen people mention Sage Certification exam on here? Which is completely different to what Kaplan and AAT are saying?

Also would it be a case of booking my test and visiting my local centre like i do for any other exam?

I'm coming to the end of my course and i just need some clarification on this unit?

Thanks for your help in advance.



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    The Sage certificate is another route to passing the CA module (rather than paying for the CA module with a provider). Yes, it is a very different assessment to the one AAT does.

    I believe the AAT assessment is very similar to the mock exam on this site.

    Regarding booking the exam, I can't help you, I took the Sage certificate route. It should be the same though, but don't expect the result straight away, I believe Kaplan mark it for you.
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    Hi, I booked my exam through Kaplan as an external student and I just faxed in the form like the other exams. I've had a few issues though as AAT wouldn't allow exams on certain days so my exam has been put back but other than that it should all by the same for you.

    I wish I'd known about the certification earlier because as an external student I had to pay the £50 marking fee on top of the £45 exam fee + books. It would have worked out cheaper to for the ''official'' sage exam but oh well!

    Hope this helps!
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