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Bc + weaf exams on same day

Mark19763Mark19763 New MemberRegistered Posts: 9
Hi everyone

I have just passed both ba1 and ba2 exams which were taken on the same day, I am just wandering if anyone has taken the next two exams together (bc + weaf) this would help me get to level 3 quickly if it is achievable

Thanks for your reply's



  • kimusherkimusher New Member Registered Posts: 10
    Hi Mark,

    Yes I did both Basic Costing and WEAF on the same day, in fact it took less than 2 hours to do both.

    No problemo

  • Mark19763Mark19763 New Member Registered Posts: 9
    Hi Kim

    Thanks for your reply it is good to know that others have done the exams together as I am looking to complete level 2 quickly so I can't start level 3 hopefully by the end of July.


  • steve2008steve2008 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 89
    I did mine the same day too. Most people have no trouble with WEAF and it doesn't take too long to do.
  • kimusherkimusher New Member Registered Posts: 10
    Sounds like we are at a similar stage, I was also considering having a break before starting level 3 but I'm now thinking I may be best just trucking through and getting straight on with it..
  • Mark19763Mark19763 New Member Registered Posts: 9
    Hi Kim

    I have decided to press on and get through levels 2 and 3 as quickly as possible, I am more concerned with my lack of experience than actually passing my exams, I am considering dropping down to 5 days per week in my regular job so I can volunteer with an accountants firm 1 day per week free of charge

    Good luck with your studies

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