Mock Tests needed - Computerised Accounting

rachaeleast01rachaeleast01 Just JoinedPosts: 1Registered

I have my text next week for Level 2 computerised accounting. Does anyone know where I can find
some more mock exam papers for practice, online?

AAT only has one on it's website. I have been home studying through Home Learning College (really wish I hadn't used them) but my tutorial has expired and can't afford the cost to extend:thumbdown:.



  • bladesmanbladesman Settling In Nicely Posts: 17Registered

    I would advise Osborne books they are about £13-£20 but they have done great for me. Also if you are studying via HLC do they provide a tutor with this as they should have a few practice papers.

    From doing various practice assesments I found that all the print outs are the same it is just the questions in part 2 that vary a little.

    Good Look.
  • shane.wshane.w New Member Posts: 23Registered
    If you just go onto Google, and type Osborne books, then go through that, you'll find a few practice exams.

    I'm doing my Computerized Accounting exam today, in 40 minutes. This will be fun!
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