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AAT without the training provider

ppritamppritam New MemberRegistered Posts: 10
Hello all

I have no accounting experience at all and want to start AAT level 2. the training providers are so expensive .... £650 for level 2.......

I thought distance learning is you buy books and study and prepare and give exam but it seems that rule does not apply here as I rang few providers and they are all £650 + and one of them try to sell me AAT 2 for £1500

so my question is can I not buy the level 2 and 3 books and study in my own time and then give exams? if not what do i need to do and do I need a tutor to look at my work at all at any stage??

I understand you guys may be busy but I'd highly appreciate if you can shed some light on this and help a fellow AATition out :)



  • steve2008steve2008 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 89
    The short answer is Yes, you can self study.

    You can find a list of exam centers who accept external candidates on the AAT site, I'm not sure where since they changed everything though.
    Most modules you just need to ring up the center, pay for the exam and take it, getting marked by the computer straight away. costs are around £55-75 per exam.

    There are some modules which require a person to mark them though.

    Level 2:

    The computerized accounting module: You can pass this by 'prior recognized learning' by getting a sage certificate instead, which is an exam you can take at home. Or buy just this module from a provider, or just don't do it as you don't HAVE to pass level 2 to do level 3.

    Level 3:

    Spreadsheets: You will need a provider/assessor for this module.
    PEAF: Currently it's computer marked, but this changes in September. If you start level 3 before September you can do it the old way, but you would also have to do the "cash management" module which is being removed from level 3 in September. So swings and roundabouts.
  • VleeVlee Well-Known Registered Posts: 136

    I'm studying alone. I just bought the books and taught myself level 2. Basic accounting one and two are a bit trickier as double entry is a new concept for me but basic costing and working effectively are very easy. You can do a sage certificate course for about £100 instead of the actual module. However if you find it easy you could skip the level 2 exams and just take the level 3 exams. The exams for level 2 are about £50 each so £250 plus sage.

    I'm just wrapping up my L2 knowledge using MyAAT tests and exercises before starting L3. Again just the book except spreadsheets which I've bought from Kaplan. It is still around £600 including books, exams, AAT registration and the SS module.
  • deanopdeanop Just Joined Registered Posts: 2
    Hi All,

    I would like to study for the AAT Level 2 the most cost effective way. On viewing this forum it appears that this can be done by purchasing the required books and self study.

    I believe before taking any exams you have to register as an AAT student member which I tried to do earlier but before doing this it stated "you need to have chosen your AAT qualification and enrolled at an AAT Approved training provider".

    I therefore rang the helpline and this was confirmed by the lady I spoke to. Therefore I am now really confused because there appears to be numerous students on this forum who don't appear to be using a training provider.

    Please can somebody explain?
    Thank you
  • VleeVlee Well-Known Registered Posts: 136

    I have self studied level two but didn't take the exams. I'm now starting level 3 and have registered with AAT by using my nearest Kaplan centre, which is where I imagine I will sit the exams. Some students reporting having to change their provider/exam centre prior to taking an exam with a new provider. AAT will send you a list of exam centres if you ask them. Give the exam centre a call to check they will accept you and then register with those details.

    Something that was recently reported here is that computerised accounting must now be completed rather than using a sage course and applying for an exemption. I suspect this means you will need to purchase the module off a provider. The same goes for spreadsheets at level three. I have bought this off Kaplan. If so this could be your provider when registering.

    I definitely recommend studying the level two material, particularly BA1 and 2, but you do have the option to skip those exams and start level three. However you may find sitting the exams and getting L2 beneficial depending on your circumstances.

    So yes go ahead and start self studying, you only need to register with AAT prior to taking your first exam. Good luck!
  • ppritamppritam New Member Registered Posts: 10
    thanks a lot guys.... i have just bought AAT level 2 books from ebay....i will try to finish as soon as i can.... motivation motivation......
    good luck to all with your studies and may we become excellent accountants :)

  • deanopdeanop Just Joined Registered Posts: 2
    Thank you very much for your reply Vlee.

    I now have a much clearer picture and will certainly follow your advice of studying BA1 and BA2. I will then decide whether it is beneficial to continue with level 2 and take the exams or move straight onto level 3.

    Thanks again and good luck with your studies.
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