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Order for Level 3

wannabebeanwannabebean Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 72
Hi All

I have one exam left to do at Level 4. Just some tips on the order for level 3.

Start Level 3 on super easy Professional Ethics then get Spread-Sheets out of the way. Then get to the heart of book-keeping with API and APII. Then do Cash Management then VAT then the hardest Level 3 - Costs and Reveues then straight to Level 4 FNPF. Chill out next with Budgeting before the big step to FNST. Relax with ICAS before the straightforward Personal Tax and finish with harder BTX.

The important point is try to move straight into FNPF or FNST. They are noth quite difficult and you will find it much easier doing one of them if there is a natural swift progression. Some of the FNPF stuff is basically the same as Costs and Revenues Some of the FNST stuff will be alot easier coming from API and APII. FNST is the hardest by far.

I believe Cash Management will be dropped at level 3 under the new style qualification.


  • wabisabiwabisabi Feels At Home Registered Posts: 130
    Thank you for this advice. I'm currently finishing L2 and decided to have a go at one of the online PEAF assessments, having no knowledge of the subject and not having read any of the text books. Amazingly I completed it in 30 mins and passed it! Admittedly there was probably a bit of luck as I was guessing some of the questions, but it's given my confidence a boost. Tempted to get the Osborne book and book myself for a proper exam next month to beat the September deadline for starting L3 under the old syllabus.
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